Wedding season

SPRING/SUMMER 2023 ︎︎︎ Wedding season

As we head into Summer 2023, we’re in a new season with more time to dedicate to Homespun, and so we’re opening ourselves up to the idea of weddings becoming more regular work.

Over the past year I’ve been intrigued watching other photographers at weddings and studying their approach, I’ve scrolled through wedding photographers on instagram wondering how they manage to edit their photos so consistently and I’ve been immersed in trying it all for myself. Josh and I have worked on a few weddings now, starting out collaborating on wedding films and since branching out to offer the whole package between us, and there’s really nothing quite like it.

I love the intensity of a wedding day. Getting to feast on wedding food whilst frantically charging your camera batteries, clutching the group shot list while shouting at family members to get in line, and staring down a viewfinder for so long that your eyes genuinely feel square. 
They’re such a unique and exciting way to grow as a photographer or filmmaker, the stakes are so high that there’s no choice but to step up.

So, this coming year we’re opening up our books to offer more weddings – you can find out more about our packages on the weddings page of our site.

This journal entry is an insight into a real wedding we worked on in April, letting you in on a few of the precious moments we captured on our cameras, and giving you a feel for how our style is developing as we immerse ourselves in the world of weddings.

Words by Josie Jones

Words by Josie Jones