A lesson in charity comms

SPRING/SUMMER 2023 ︎︎︎ A lesson in charity comms

This Spring we worked with local charity SOAR to raise awareness of what they do by streamlining their communications. This included producing a short campaign film and creating their new website, as well as consulting work to help clarify their message.

Both Josh and I have a background working in charity communications, so it was a really interesting challenge to put some of what we’ve learnt over years to a charity who are starting almost from scratch when it comes to clarifying their message.

This project saw us using a whole range of skills including consultancy, website building and copywriting. These are all skills I’ve been developing, (and often aching to use) and it’s been rewarding to be able bring strategy to a project that will gain so much value from a few simple tools and tweaks.
Part of this project involved me building them a new website on Squarespace. The aim was to simplify their messaging and the journey of their site and I think this new site serves them really well as a way to signpost partners towards their work.

In the work we undertook for SOAR, we had to be careful to leave them with the tools they needed to thrive, rather than offering them something that would require more work in the future, and I’m really pleased with what we produced together.

Words by Josie Jones

Words by Josie Jones