AUTUMN/WINTER 2023 ︎︎︎ Cloudbusting

At the end of Summer we had the pleasure of documenting a work in progress from Turned on it’s Head, an interactive dance performance to the soundtrack of Kate Bush!

In August we had the joy of documenting two performances of The Delights, a work in development from Liz Clark and Makers of Imaginary Worlds, as part of the Hoopla mini festivals taking place for early years in Nottingham.

The performances involved neon pink lycra tied around trees and what seemed like hundreds of bouncy balls. The dancers unveiled a magical world, soundtracked by a fantastic Kate Bush medley, slowly inviting the audience to become part of the show and create their own adventure. 
After working with Liz in the past, it was wonderful to see the invitational nature of this form of creative movement bring children out of their shells and released into their own creativity.

Congratulations to Liz and all those involved as we recently learned that The Delights has been successfully funded! We look forward to seeing where the show goes in the near future. You can read about our previous project with Liz here

Words by Josie Jones

Words by Josie Jones