Bringing movement back to nursery

AUTUMN 2022 ︎︎︎ Bringing movement back to nursery

Our Creative Adventure’ is a program that offers training in creative movement, particularly to those working in a nursery setting. We spent a few days in September with Liz to develop a film that celebrates her process.

This Autumn a filming commission took us into rooms full of screaming toddlers as we followed behind Liz Clark training nursery staff in creative movement. I’ve always loved being around nursery-age kids and I always thought it was normal to find them wonderful. I just think kids are so much fun and so full of potential at that age – no longer a baby but developing a personality and a sense of independence, it’s such a formative window of life. 

They are learning who they are allowed to be, and working out whether their creativity and imagination will be affirmed or not.
The beauty of Liz’s work is that it’s all about the interaction between the child and their significant adult. When children were noticed and their ideas taken seriously, they came out of their shells, they became empowered.

Even in the course of one day with a group of children, I could see the impact this type of play had on them, and hearing the staff overwhelmed by the push to formalise nursery days even more, this work seems more vital than ever.

Words by Josie Jones

Words by Josie Jones