Connecting, catalysing, calling

AUTUMN/WINTER 2023 ︎︎︎ Connecting, catalysing, calling

This January we produced a short film for our friends at Fusion Movement to tell the story of the work they do with churches across the UK and beyond.

For this project with Fusion, we worked together to storyboard a film that would sum up their mission statement through three real-life stories. The three statements that made up their mission were connecting students, catalysing confidence and calling the church. We used these as starting points to frame the conversations we then had with individuals across the country who felt that being part of a local church had deeply impacted their time at university.
We travelled down to London, up to Leeds and then revisited Loughborough University campus (where we both studied) to capture some of these stories. The trips involved an all-night prayer gathering in a church crypt, a shared student meal to celebrate the lunar new year and a session on campus interviewing students about big questions for the students’ tiktok account. 

Words by Joshua Jones

Words by Josie Jones